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Business Overview

MIE Holdings Corporation (“MIE”) is one of the leading independent upstream oil and gas companies in China. It focuses on the exploration and development of oil and natural gas. 

MIE currently operates several oil and gas producing blocks in China, Canada and Kazakhstan, with total area of over 2.47 million acres. In China, MIE operates Daan Project in Jilin Province and participates in PY10-4 Project in South China Sea; In Canada, MIE operates Canlin Energy Project; In Kazakhstan, MIE participates the operation of four production including Aksaz, Dolinnoe, Kariman and Emir and one exploration blocks.

After more than ten years of rapid development, MIE has emerged as a medium size international oil and gas company in terms of oil and gas reserves and resources. NPV10 of the MIE’s net proved and probable (2P) oil and gas reserves is approximately US$2 billion by the end of Year 2017.

Locations of the Projects